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Odyssey and Oracle
They Want You All To Sing Along
The Wind On The Water
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Cream 2005
Incredible String Band
the song has no ending
5000 Spirits or The Layers of The Onion
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Lillian Gish 1893-1993
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Odessey and Oracle
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Chapter VII - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
The Wind In The Willows
Chapter III - The Wild Wood
Chapter IV - Mr. Badger
Chapter V - Dulce Domum
Kenneth Grahame 1859-1932
A Saucerful Of Secrets
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It's A Beautiful Day
American Odyssey
Jefferson Airplane
Happy Trails
Édith Piaf 1915-1963
Paul McCartney
Chaos and Creation In The Backyard


The Odyssey of Oracle

for the heart knows no barriers

Physically confined to a wheelchair, she is intellectually unrestricted by any barriers. The superheroes of the world come to her time and again to handle the tasks too big for their superpowers. She is a presence throughout the world: watching, tracking, getting involved, via her operatives and allies, where she believes her and their combined skills could help out. Feeding on the mystery and magic of the original Delphic Oracle of ancient Greek mythology, Barbara has allowed very few members of the DCU to know her true identity. Much of the DC Universe (DCU), in fact, has no idea if Oracle is even a human being or machine, let alone the woman who used to be Batgirl. Even Commissioner Gordon, who quickly learned his daughter's earlier alter-ego, is unaware of the important role she now plays in the world

In the months following her crippling encounter with the Joker, Barbara had hidden herself away from the world, going out only for her physical and emotional therapy sessions. But the woman who had been Batgirl quickly got tired of being afraid and feeling useless. She used her researcher's talents and a grant from the Wayne Foundation to begin anew, this time using computers as her library, her community, and, eventually, her battlefield.....and so it is, and so it shall, there is no corner dark enough that the forces of evil can hide from the sight of Oracle.....

 Babs is left a paraplegic after being gunned down by the Joker in an assault at the Gordon home.

the only real disability is in your head

the thoughts and the links from those thoughts

a wealth of fan written romantic
stories about Oracle and Nightwing
await you here

home of Birdwatching:
The Birds of Prey

as close as you can get
to an official website for
Oracle and Nightwing
aka Barbara Gordon
and Dick Grayson

if you're aching to drool over
 pixellated babes in bikinis, you've
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Batman. The Killing Joke. July 1988

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